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Colonising Mars: Is it possible to go to Mars on a one-way trip (not a suicide mission) but to stay. To receive supplies from Earth once in a while but to build a future away from Earth. The way of doing it is ‘Terraforming’ of Mars, meaning transforming Mars into having an atmosphere, liquid water and to sustain life as we know it.

Valentine’s across the globe: Valentine’s is celebrated in many ways across the globe. This is how it is done in different countries

The big deal: Is going to grade 10-12 really such a big deal? Interviews with grade 10 starters

School uniform – yes or no: we have had a stab at it, but I think it could be fun to hear more about this. Interviews with students and teachers.

A remarkable person: we have a few options here:

1) Naledi Pandor – Minister of Science and Technology – if you don’t know her – well, you should.

2) Raoul Castro – made the deal with USA and Obama. A person in his own right

3) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a lot more

My first job interview: what to do and not to do. Take it from me, I have seen a lot



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