FUSION is a significant way to give birth to the unthinkable. In this case, musically so. Which has been brought to pass by a musical show that has been going on in other countries on different continents and now it has hit the land of South Africa. The name of the show is Coke Studios, which is broadcasted by Etv every Monday at 8:30 pm.

Coke Studios is a production that is artistically broad and musically diversified. One would ask what makes the show different from other typical South African musical shows. Or it is a music competition and if it is, is it a competition amongst well-known artists or just ordinary people?
Well, through Coke Studios we are taken through the entire experience of “music in the making” and “the fruits of music beared live”. All of that being in the concept of originality. In the same essence, different artists, both well-known and still to blossom in the music industry artists doing different genres are fused or rather collaborate to produce different renditions of musical pieces.

Some artists have done songs that were out of their comfort zones or rather were different from their own genre and some never did; Hence, partnership, participation and just the talent as it is might have been the essential components to the magical songs that were produced.
Now, tell me how many artists are in their own studios and can work on a song and pull it off in just three days? Not many ey? But Coke Studios and the artists have managed to do just that and even less than that. This was made possible by great producers such as the renowned 37mpg and exec producers and others.
English might be the international language yet music doesn’t even have to have a specific language for the whole universe to dance to it. That is why all the songs produced by Coke Studios might be great music to ones ears. Of this show would probably say that it is not elevator music as well. I hope so, as I do not think so.

It might be because of some sort of energy or influence that these artists got from the atmosphere
they were in, for them to compose songs that that had profound messages and were literally in almost all South Africa’s official languages and to top it off even produce a Latin house song, What?! Now that is just amazing. There’s even an artist from Zanzibar (singing in her native language, her name being Salma)
Having had the opportunity to be in the presence of some of the artists. There was one thing common about them. Yes, it is music but in the same context they all loved the experience. Some couldn’t have imagined the results from the fusion of genres and they were glad they had this opportunity as it has expanded their musical interests.
Who would have thought that “Ghetto Future Funk” which is being catered by Moonchild in the music industry would be fused with a unique house genre and sound as great as it is, which is titled” Ivila”?
I do have my favourites and it happens to be almost all of them. :) What’s yours?
Coke Studio –
Making the unthinkable possible
“Coke Studio is music in the making”
they all loved the experience