•  Ford Transits to mobilise Santa Shoebox initiative
  •  Transits carry the load and assist by taking over 100 000 gifts to orphanages, children’s homes and schools across Southern Africa
  •  Enough space on board to carry more than 1 400 shoeboxes on each delivery

PRETORIA, South Africa, 15 October 2015 – This year thousands of children at orphanages, homes and under-privileged schools   around   the   country   will   be receiving a gift, with the special delivery guaranteed by the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA). Ford Transits transporting Santa Shoebox presents thousands of children at orphanages, homes and under-privileged schools around the country For the second year running Ford will be teaming   up   with   the   Santa   Shoebox   project to bring Christmas cheer to needy children during the festive season. Each child   will   receive   a   present   specially packed for them – containing toiletries, a toy, an outfit of clothing and some sweets. For many it will be the only present they receive. In order to put smiles on little faces Ford  has decided to put its commercial vehicles to   good   use   by   assisting   the   Santa Shoebox project in delivering over 100 000 gifts to children in need in Cape Town and Gauteng.

Last year the two Ford Transits enlisted to this good cause covered 7 911km, helping to deliver more than 110 000 boxes and this year the job is expected to be even bigger. “Ford is privileged to again partner and assist   the   Santa   Shoebox   project   by spreading festive joy to children in need.
This   is   a   demonstration   of   Ford’s willingness to Go Further by supporting and giving to a good cause,” said Alisea Chetty,       Corporate       Communications Manager, FMCSA.

The Transit Van and Transit Custom, both powered   by   Ford’s   proven   2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, have a combined load volume of 15m³, providing enough room to accommodate     more     than           1 400 shoeboxes at a time to be transported to those in need. The success of the Santa Shoebox project is attributed to the personal nature of the giving. Each donated present is addressed to a particular child – their first name, age and gender made known to the giver. Each   gift  contains   a   toothbrush,  the lives of children, especially those living toothpaste, a facecloth, soap, an outfit of   in desolate rural communities. That is clothing, education really   what   the   Santa supplies, a toy and some sweets. The goods are packed into   a   shoebox, which   is   then wrapped and labelled   for   the recipient. Delivery of   the   colourful loads is then co-ordinated   by   the organisers        and
carried   out   by Ford. Santa Shoebox presents packed into Ford Transits to be transported to thousands of children at orphanages, homes and under-privileged schools around the country

Shoebox   Project   is   all about,” said Santa Shoebox National        Project       Co-ordinator, Irené Pieters. The Santa Shoebox Project originated in Cape Town and has grown in leaps and bounds, with the number of Santa Shoeboxes growing from a humble 180 boxes in 2006 to an astounding 109 930 in 2014. The boxes are distributed   to   more   than 1000 recipient facilities, through more than “Our focus this year is really about ‘giving for good’. We want to do good by giving (good) top quality gift boxes to (good) deserving children – some of whom have never received a gift at Christmas time before, to create an overwhelmingly good experience   that   benefits   them      –   for
good. We are grateful to Ford for their continued support in making difference in 60 satellites around South Africa and Namibia. A Virtual Shoebox option was introduced in 2014 allowing out-of-town and international donors to support the project and the SSB Legacy, a skills
development  training programme introduced for caregivers at the more than 1 000 Santa Shoebox recipient centres.

Ford fans and fans of the Santa Shoebox initiative can follow the festivities by using the
hashtag #PresentsinTransit. For more information on the initiative or to get involved visit