The Amadea Safe House is celebrating their new Toyota Avanza donated by Toyota South Africa Motors. The vehicle will be used to transport children staying at the safe house to school, doctor’s appointments and the like.
“We have needed an additional vehicle for some time and this one is truly an answer to our prayers. We are very grateful to Toyota South Africa Motors for their donation. This vehicle will assist us with so much on a daily basis,” says Rina Malan, founder of the Amadea Safe House.
Amadea primarily acts as a safe house for orphaned, disabled and abused children as well as children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The children are nurtured to stimulate their physical, creative and intellectual growth. Ultimately, the children are provided with a loving home.

In addition, Malan reaches out to the community through the provision of essential needs and people development projects that teach the community various skills.
“Amadea has a huge responsibility towards the children they support. This responsibility is one of the reasons we chose to donate this vehicle to them. It will aid in the mobility of the children they look after as well as assist in the daily running of the safe house,” says Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President of Toyota South Africa Motors.
“We donated the Toyota Avanza 1.5 TX because the seven seats give them enough seating for a few children but the vehicle also has ample space for transporting goods when the seats are folded flat. We wish them many happy and safe kilometres in their new Avanza,” concluded Hamman.
The Amadea Safe House, which means “loving child of God”, was started more than 15 years ago and has since cared for approximately 300 children.
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